2015 SIP (SNEWGA Increased Participation)

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This program awards points to SNEWGA members who participate in a selected set of tournaments, with the reward being eligibility to participate in a year-end raffle for all who accumulate a pre-determined base number of points. Those members who accumulate more than the base number of points will get additional entries in the raffle.  Points will be credited after event scores are posted in GHIN.

  • Participation in this program is FREE for all 2015 SNEWGA members.

  • Tournaments included in the program will be determined annually and each selected tournament will be assigned a specific number of points  The base point total will also be adjusted annually.

  • The assigned events and points may be changed at the discretion of SNEWGA, as necessary.

  • Participation will be tracked via a spreadsheet, and posted on the SNEWGA website.

  • If a tournament is cancelled by the hosting club, any player who submitted an entry and payment for the event will be credited with the any applicable SIP Points.

  • Raffle prizes will be given in $ cash $ and will be announced at the 2015 SNEWGA Fall Meeting.

2015 Tournament grid and assigned points:

2015 Tournament


Spring Cup, 1st Round only 2 Points
Suffield CC Invitational 3 Points
H. Smith Richardson Invitational 1 Point
Newtown SNEWGA Sunday 3 Points
Pequabuck Invitational 3 Points
Individuals 2 Points
Tallwood CC Invitational 2 Points
Rolling Meadows SNEWGA Sunday 2 Points
Presidents Cup, 1st Round only 2 Points
1st Tee Charity Classic 1 Point
Member / Member 1 Point
Chippanee SNEWGA Sunday 2 Points
Oronoque Invitational 3 Points


Players receive 1 extra raffle ticket for every 3 points earned above the base level of 10 points

 -  Accumulate 27 points by playing in all 13 tournaments - That's 5 tickets in the raffle !!!

-  Accumulate 24 points by playing in the 10 tournaments with greater than 1 point; get 4 raffle tickets II

-  Accumulate 12 points by playing in the 4 tournaments assigned 3 points - You're IN !!!

You can't win if you don't Play

(and you know you wanna play)

so get in the game and get your raffle tickets into the drawing

               Printable Program Information Sheet