SNEWGA Major and Invitational Tournament Guidelines

SNEWGA Member Information

All SNEWGA tournaments shall be limited to SNEWGA members.  If you belong to womens' groups at multiple SNEWGA member clubs, **new** in 2016, you will be able to fully compete (i.e. win SNEWGA prizes) in an Invitational and/or SNEWGA Sunday that is being held at the club atwhich you have declared your SNEWGA membership.  The opportunity to compete in your home club Invitational/SNEWGA Sunday will only be available if the field is not filled by the tournament entry deadline.

If you are unable to play after you have submitted your entry form for any tournament, you must immediately contact the chairwoman of the event to cancel your entry.

SNEWGA Club Information

All SNEWGA Clubs are required to host a tournament (Invitational or SNEWGA Sunday or Major) every third year, but may host more frequently if they wish, with approval of the Tournament Vice President.

In order to assist the Executive Committee and tournament planners, all clubs are requested to submit their Invitational/Major dates and special event requests no later than the Annual Fall Meeting to the Vice Presidents of Tournaments.

Guidelines for Invitationals and Majors

 Tournament Entry Flyers must be approved before posting. Forward to:

SNEWGA Vice President, Tournaments, Brooke Samuelson

Tournament Entry Flyer template: Word format    PDF format

Follow PR Guidelines for Tournaments

Forward all Player Starting Times and Full Field Tournament Results to:

SNEWGA Vice President, Tournaments, Brooke Samuelson AND

SNEWGA PR Chairwoman, TBD

Tournament Field Setup & Results template: Excel format

(Please provide feedback as to any changes desired in the template format.)

Forward Tournament Financial Report to:

SNEWGA Vice President, Tournaments, Brooke Samuelson AND

SNEWGA Treasurer, Lisa Lavoie

Tournament Financial Report Template: Excel format   PDF format