Individual Membership

The most common way to join SNEWGA is to join your local Member Club, and beome a SNEWGA Member through that club.  Setup your profile in SNEWGA's Golf Genius database and pay SNEWGA Member dues online.  Or contact the SNEWGA Rep at your local club directly.

Yearly dues ("early renewal rate") for Individual members of Member Clubs shall be determined at the Annual Fall meeting and shall be payable on or before April 30.  Renewals after this date for members from 'last year' will incur an additional charge.  New Members, including players who were not a member 'last year' but may have been a member in any year previous to 'last year', are considered a 'New Member' in the current year and can join at any time at the prevailing "early renewal rate" for Individual members.  

Note: The deadline for changing your SNEWGA club affiliation is May 1. If you have joined a ladies league at one of our SNEWGA member clubs and want to use that club as your SNEWGA affiliation but are having any technical difficulties with your club designation, please contact our Membership VP by May 1. 

Individual Independent membership in SNEWGA is also available without joining a Member Club.  

Club Membership

Club membership in SNEWGA may be extended to any eligible club upon application in writing and election by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.  Each golf course may be represented by not more than one women's association.  Payment of the annual club dues shall be made at the time of acceptance in the Association.  Members of any member club of the Association may become individual members upon payment of individual dues.

Yearly dues for Member Clubs shall be determined at the Annual Fall meeting and shall be payable at or before the Annual Spring meeting.

If your club is not a Member Club of SNEWGA but would like to be, please contact Lisa Fern-Boros for further information. 


Individual Dues $20 - renewals after April 30 are $25
Club Dues $35


2023 Club Rep Letter

2020 First Tee Letter

2023 SNEWGA Club Info Sheet (.pdf)
2023 SNEWGA Club Info Sheet (.docx)

Contact: Lisa Fern-Boros, First Vice President, Membership