2014 SNEWGA Spring Cup

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Welcome to the 2014 Spring Cup.  The Spring Cup is once again run by committee, chaired by Brooke Samuelson.  Marianne Roggemann and I are available to assist you in any way that we can.

If there are any discrepancies between this info and what is in the SNEWGA directory, this info sheet and all future communications override the directory. 

We are sending all the info and sign-up sheets to the SNEWGA representatives via email only.  If you receive this and are no longer the Rep for your club, please be sure you pass it along to the correct people.  All info sheets and forms will also be available on the SNEWGA website.

News for 2014

      -   We will again collect an entry fee of $10 per team the day of your 1st round

      -   Prizes will be awarded to both Divisional and overall Spring Cup winners

      -   Any additional prize distribution will be based upon the number of team entries

      -   Cash raffles for both Divisions will again be held at the 1st round venues

      -   100% of the collected raffle revenue will be awarded to participants

      -   All scores must be posted within 48 hours of the round or they will be posted for you

As in the previous year:

  • Your club can submit as many two-person teams as you can field.
  • Individual teams can declare their day of play independent of other teams from their club.  Once a team declares its division, they are committed, and may not change.  Subs may not switch between divisions, and must adhere to all the same policies as regular participants.
  • Format is one best net score of the twosome.
  • Substitutions are allowed, but once a player or her team has been eliminated, she may not sub.
  • Handicaps will be adjusted to 90% of course handicap.  Team member handicaps will be limited to a spread of 10 strokes, calculatedafter handicaps are adjusted to 90%.  This also applies to subs.  If there is a greater spread between partners, the higher handicap will be reduced to meet the 10 stroke maximum.
  • Ties will be broken by matching of cards, except for the Divisional Finals (Round 4) and Championship rounds,which will be broken by extending the match until the tie is broken.
  • The Championship Round will be played at a neutral site.
  •    All pairings after the First Round will be done according to the previous round’s score.
  • Divisional Finals (Round 4) and the Championship Round will be match play.

This year’s tournament will have 5 rounds, starting in early May.  Weekend rounds will again be played on Sundays whenever possible. However, Round 2 Weekend will be played on Saturday, May 10th, to avoid a conflict with Mothers Day.  Happy Mothers Day to all mothers and daughters!

While we have the below dates and locations scheduled, adjustments may have to be made.  We will do all we can to adhere to these dates. Weather or unavailability of courses will be the only reason dates change.  Any adjustment will be communicated as soon as possible to participating teams.


Division: Weekend

Division: Weekday

Teams Advancing

Round 1

Sunday May 4th


Monday   May 5th

River Oaks

75% of the teams from each division

Round 2


May 10th


Monday   May 12


6 from each division

Round 3

Sunday May 18th

Blue Fox Run

Monday   May 19th


2 from each division

Round 4

Sunday June 1st



June 2nd


1 from each division




! Crowned in
Glory !

When practical, the handicap index in effect at the time each round is played will be used.  Round 2 will use the 5/1 revision.

As the SNEWGA representative for your club, all you need to do is get the teams signed up and the names and information sent in.  You will no longer need to find people to play each week.  If any team needs to find a substitute for any week's play, you can help, but it is their responsibility to find a replacement.  This should make it much easier for all of you.  The deadline for submitting teams is APRIL 25th.  Teams applying after the deadline will be put on a waiting list.

Attached are team sign-up sheets.  Each team must specify day (weekend or weekday) of play. We realize many of you have not had your first meetings this year and will not know who wants to play. NOTE:  All Spring Cup participants must be SNEWGA members as of May 1, 2014.

However, we ask that you provide us with an estimate of teams your club may send in order to help us plan.

Please return your completed form to Marianne Roggemann mrogg@dnb.com.

Marianne's telephone numbers are: work 203-225-4889, home 203-922-1350, cell 203-915-9092.

If you have any questions, please contact Marianne or Brooke.

Thank you for your help in organizing and supporting the 2014 Spring Cup.

The Spring Cup Committee,

    Brooke Samuelson     brookesam@juno.com

    Marianne Roggemann mrogg@dnb.com


Printable letter                Printable Sign-up sheet