Be a rabbit, not a snail!


September 30, 2021

We have all enjoyed rounds where the pace of play moved along nicely.  Everyone, slow players, fast players, and everyone in between, is responsible for keeping up with the group in front.  Who is responsible for a good pace of play in any given group?  YOU ARE.  The question is, how to speed up?   And how to catch up if the group falls behind?  How do we all become a bunch of quick bunny rabbits on the golf course?

Speedy Pace tips & techniques

Some tips for speedy play from the Mar 2021 email to the membership:

Pace of Play Tip Set #2

As we continue to focus on Pace of Play this year, here is tip set #2 on the season:

Tip #4Bring a couple of clubs to your shot.  Especially when you’re playing on a “Cart path only” hole, determine your approximate yardage from the cart, then bring extra clubs (shorter & longer) around that number so that when you get to your ball, odds are you have the club you need with you.  Having to return to the cart to get the right club is very costly as far as time!  This also includes as you get close to the green.  You may unexpectedly need to chip more than once.  Bring extra chippers!

Tip #5Lost Ball/Provisional Ball.  If there’s a possibility your ball may be lost or out of bounds, hit a provisional. If you think your fellow competitor’s ball may be lost or out of bounds, suggest that she hit a provisional. It takes moments to hit a provisional. It takes several minutes to have to return to where the last shot was taken, hit it again, and then return to the group.

Tip #6First in Gets the Pin. If you are the first to hole out, you should take responsibility for getting the pin.  Although with the change in rules, a lot of folks now putt with the pin in the hole, some still prefer to have it out.  Take responsibility for the pin.  Barring any need for that, ensure that everyone’s stray equipment (clubs, towels, etc.) is between the hole & their cart.  Equipment left on the opposite side of the green takes time to retrieve and delays a speedy pace!  First in gets the pin!  And the wedges, and the towels, and…

These items may cost everyone a few seconds on a hole.  But as noted in last month’s tips, they can add up to as much as 50 minutes per round per group!

Start incorporating these tips into your regular weekend play, and they’ll become your regular habit in all rounds!