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President Sheila Allen
Home Course: Timberlin

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2020 SNEWGA President Sheila Allen

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President Sheila Allen
Home Course: Timberlin
Delegate Region 1 Carol Stoneman
Home Course: Blackledge
1st VP Membership Debbie Johnson
Home Course: Oronoque
Delegate Region 1 Carol Witkowski
Home Course: Cedar Knob
VP Tournaments Brooke Samuelson
Home Course: Blackledge
Delegate Region 1 Karen Maher
Home Course:  Stanley
VP Cup Competitions Mary Mesek
Home Course: Tallwood
Delegate Region 1  June Saunders
Home Course: Simsbury Farms
Secretary Jane Mathew
Home Course: Richter Park
Delegate Region 2 Mara Dunleavy
Home Course: The Tradition at Wallingford
Treasurer Lisa Lavoie
Home Course: Stanley
Delegate Region 2 Robin Schemansky
Home Course: Fairchild Wheeler
* Public Relations Sherri Gracia
Home Course: Hunter
Delegate Region 2 Sara La Terza
Home Course: H. Smith Richardson
* Website Sheila Allen
Home Course: Timberlin
Delegate Region 2 Sue Norton
Home Course: Oak Hills Park
* Handicap Chair Leslie Harrison
Home Course: Blackledge
* Nominating Committee Carole Oat
Home Course: Stanley
* Association Matches Jenny Burrill
Home Course: Rockledge
* CSGA Regional Affairs Club Rep:
Jenny Burrill
Home Course: Rockledge
* Historian/Memorial Jenny Burrill
Home Course: Rockledge
* The First Tee Barbara Karis Downey
Home Course: Longshore