2009 Snewga Spring Cup

Weekend Weekday
Sun., May 10
, New Britain, CT

Tue., May 12
Tallwood, Hebron, CT

Sun., May 17
, Meriden, CT
Results Mon., May 18 Grassy
, Orange, CT
Sun., May 31 Grassy Hill, Orange, CT Results Mon., June 1 Timberlin,
Berlin, CT
Sun., June 7 Laurel View,
Hamden, CT
Results Mon., June 8 Simsbury
, Simsbury, CT
Match Play Final,
Sat., June 20

Weekend winners: Debbie Johnson &
Linda Schaeffer
vs. Weekday winners:
Judy Meshken & Robin McPhillips

Tashua Knolls,
Trumbull, CT


March 2009
RE: Spring Cup 2009

See above links for the Letter to SNEWGA reps and the sign-up sheet for your club's teams. The SNEWGA representative will need to get the teams signed up, and send the team information to Marianne Roggemann. The rep no longer needs to find people to play each week. If any team needs to find a substitute for any week's play, it is the team's responsibility to find a replacement.

New for 2009: team partners must be within 10 strokes of each other's handicap, and handicaps are adjusted to 90% of a player's course handicap, rather than 80%.  The same adjustments apply to subs.  If players have a differential of more than 10 strokes, the higher handicap player's handicap will be lowered to be within 10 strokes of her partner.  Please read the Letter to SNEWGA  Reps for details on all of the changes for 2009.

If you have any questions, please contact Marianne Roggemann.



    • It is a 2-person better ball NET tournament.  Half the field will advance after each round (with a maximum of 16 teams advancing in the first round), based on the lowest scores.  Ties will be broken by a match of cards (per USGA rules).
    • Tournament adjusted handicaps for partners must be within 10 strokes of each other (per Spring Cup rules, course handicaps are adjusted to 90% for all players).  If, after adjustment, the handicap spread between partners is greater than 10 strokes, the higher handicapped player's handicap will be lowered.
    • Each club can send as many teams as they want.  All teams must go through the SNEWGA Rep. Substitutes can be made over the course of the tournament.
    • Once a player (as a player or a sub) has been eliminated in any round, that player cannot be a substitute on a team that is still playing
    • The teams will be divided into Regions depending on the number of teams, number of clubs, and the play day (weekend versus weekday).
    • The tournament is anticipated to run 5-6 weeks starting in early May.
    • The Region winners will participate in the semi-final. The two final teams will play for the championship in a match play format.
    • The final round will be played on a weekend at a neutral site.